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Vice President, Direct



Job Description

The Vice President, Direct responsibilities primarily consist of three area of functionality.

  • Investments: The Vice President, Direct will source new deals from a network of general partners (GPs), intermediaries, and other areas; will review new and follow-on investment opportunities; will lead and execute the transaction process; will monitor investments via board seats and/or communication with management teams and GPs; and will recommend exit strategies.
  • Fundraising and Client Service: The Vice President, Direct will create marketing content for distribution a to current and prospective limited partners (LPs); will market to LPs; will manage information requests from and responses to LPs; and will update LPs on fund status and partake in annual and advisory board meeting presentations.
  • Firm-Centric Activities: The Vice President, Direct will generate and incorporate new ideas to increase the revenue line and/or overall success of HarbourVest. Examples include new fund concepts, public speaking/presentations, representation on internal committees, and similar activities. Additionally, he/she will lead or participate in recruitment, training, and management of Associates, Analysts, and Administrative Assistants.

Additional skills required include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).


BS/BA, MBA, or equivalent in experience


4+ years relevant work experience

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