Several members of the HarbourVest team will participate at the 2019 SuperReturn International in Berlin:

Jamie Athanasoulas, Managing Director in the Boston office, will participate during the panel Specialised credit strategies: As generalist / corporate private debt strategies mature and see more competition, credit strategies have increasingly specialized in order to differentiate themselves. How does this differentiation lead to higher returns, and is the accompanying loss in diversification a concern?

Abigail Rayner, Vice President in the Toronto office, will speak during the panel discussion Real assets “best ideas” debate: which asset classes, investment strategies and geographies will lead the markets and why? Abby will lend her expertise in answering such questions as, Which real assets opportunities are most appealing? and To what extent will loan origination become harder and deal funding less certain?

Alex Barker, Principal in the London office, will speak on two panels. The first, How are LP allocations and commitment levels to German PE likely to evolve over the next two years? will seek to answer, Why are LPs increasing (or decreasing) their commitments to the German market, which strategies are LPs likely to expand their commitments to and to what extent do investors take ESG impact into account when making investment decisions? The second panel discussion, Succession planning in mid market private equity firms, will discuss best practices and pitfalls.

Kathleen Bacon, Managing Director in the London office, will kick off day one of the conference with the Chair’s welcome address. She will also participate during the panel discussion LP perspectives: ESG criteria in selection process and ESG monitoring during the ESG Summit, providing her insight on How important is it for LPs to incorporate sustainability metrics into investment analysis, decision-making and monitoring? and How have LP expectations evolved over the past ten years and how do expectations vary dependent on the size and location of the LP? What is the role of ESG in fundraising?