Several members of the HarbourVest team will join the SuperReturn International 2018 lineup in Berlin.

George Anson, Senior Advisor in HarbourVest’s London office, will share his views on issues of central strategic concern to the industry during the session “20/20” – Observations on Two Decades of Private Equity and Super Return Gatherings – What Evolves and What Endures in our Industry, Current State of Affairs and Likely Future Direction.

David Atterbury, Managing Director in HarbourVest’s London office, will participate as a speaker during the session Pricing & Deal Flow: How are Intelligent Buyers Sourcing, Calculating & Justifying the Price of their Purchases in a Volatile Market.  David will provide insights into answering such questions as, Is the growth of the market sustainable & where will future deals flow come from? 

Till Burges, Principal in HarbourVest’s London office, will join the panel Data Session: Update on German PE Outlook at SuperReturn’s German Private Equity Summit. Till will focus on analysing industry comments from the past 3 years, specifically how accurate industry predictions were on fundraising, investing, growing business & exits  and also what the future holds.

Peter Wilson, Managing Director in HarbourVest’s London office, will join other industry leaders in sharing their expertise and perspectives on the panel Succession Planning in Alternatives and Private Equity Firms: Best Practices and Pitfalls.