Several members of our team will be at SuperReturn International in Berlin.

February 25, 2020 Summit Day

10:00 Private Debt Summit – Karen Simeone, Managing Director joins a panel titled Is the private debt market ripe for consolidation as private capital firms look for scale in the asset class?  Topics will cover:

  • Preparing for a shakeout as the big players hoover up capital while smaller operations struggle to find a niche in an ever-tougher environment for lenders where competition for assets continues to increase

15:00 ESG Summit – Valérie Handal, Managing Director joins a panel titled Diversity: how important is it really? Topics will cover:

  • How do investment managers approach diversity?
  • How much does it actually matter to LPs during the manager selection process?
  • What do measuring and reporting measures look like when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

February 26, 2020 Main Conference Day 1

18:10 Stream C: Update on Secondaries – Valérie Handal, Managing Director joins a panel titled GP-led deals Version 2.0. Topics will cover:

  • How are the trends of tender offers, asset sales, spinouts, strip sales, stapled deals and fund continuation vehicles unlocking value, and what is the impact on the broader PE industry?
  • Where do we go from here?

February 27, 2020 Main Conference Day 2

9:10 – Till Burges, Managing Director, joins a panel titled Electronic polling session: Where are we in the cycle?. Topics in this interactive session will cover:

  • Have asset prices and “dry powder” reached an all-time high?
  • What geopolitical events are managers most concerned about? Where are the best opportunities among the alternative asset classes to generate quality risk-adjusted returns and what should prudent investors be wary of?

12:00  – Valérie Handal, Managing Director, will host a Fireside Chat: Value creation in an overheated market with Steve Klinsky, CEO, New Mountain Capital.

16:30 – Craig MacDonald, Managing Director, joins a panel titled New Frontiers for Co-investments. Topics will cover:

  • Where is the co-investment world heading?
  • How successful are pass the parcel deals?
  • Will LPs move to sponsorless deals?
  • What are the challenges of faster process time lines and what risks and considerations do LPs need to take heed of given current market dynamics?