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Portfolio Strategy

Fund-of-Funds: Diversification, Returns, and Access

The private equity industry has grown to become a highly successful, global investment model for putting long-term investor capital to work to transform companies and generate attractive returns. Fund-of-Funds (FoFs) have played an integral role in the industry’s evolution by providing investors with a competitive and cost-effective vehicle to achieve:

  • Diversification benefits
  • Attractive returns
  • Access to the best managers
  • Exposure to fund strategies customized to meet specific needs

Today FoFs are at the center of the global private equity ecosystem and have earned their reputation as the “reference investor” for limited partners and the “preferred investor” for fund managers.

Like the success of the broader private equity industry, FoFs’ track record at selecting, investing with, and monitoring the growing number and types of fund managers is tied to the alignment of investor and general partner interests achieved through the limited partnership structure. With over 40 years of experience and with $1.4 trillion in assets under management, this is indeed a proven model.

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