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To unlock the power of private markets around the world.

We believe in making private markets accessible to all investors. That’s why we aim to be a progressive, collaborative, and inclusive partner. With over 40 years of experience, we secure futures through our global reach and local wisdom. 

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Great people deliver great outcomes, for clients and one another. We actively seek talented colleagues who excel both professionally and personally. We believe in the power of ongoing development, encouraging and supporting wellbeing, and striving to create a workplace that values individual differences and recognizes the power of diverse teams.

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We nurture collaborative global partnerships. By harnessing local wisdom, being endlessly curious, and embracing inclusivity, our global employees build connections and trust with each other. Diversity is our strength, and we recognize that unique perspectives and individual differences are what build better companies and communities.


Honesty, transparency, and strong ethics are essential to our business. Every partner, both internal and external, is treated with fairness and respect. And we are forever mindful of the impact of our work. We hold ourselves accountable for how our investments affect society, the environment, and our people.


We strive for high performance. Excellence in strategy and execution, with a focus on continuous improvement, drives results for our clients and helps us achieve our goals, as individuals and for the firm. We turn to data for new insights, commit to ongoing learning, and foster an environment where innovative thinking thrives every day.

Our talented experts

Wisdom begins with curiosity. Decades of experience from developing and growing our team combined with the spirit and creativity of new recruits allows bright ideas and talent to thrive.

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We draw strength from our culture, diversity and strong sense of community

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Continuation solutions encompass a host of transaction types in which a GP secures interim liquidity and/or additional primary capital for their LPs in a strongly performing asset, or set of assets, that the GP will continue to own and control. Specifically, they include continuation funds, new funds created by GPs for the purpose of acquiring the asset(s) that continue to be managed by the same GP and capitalized by one or several secondary buyers, or equity recapitalizations involving a direct equity or structured equity investment into a portfolio company. These transactions can also include a parallel investment from the GP’s latest fund into that same pool of assets (a “cross-fund trade”).