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For investors seeking an experienced guide to global private markets that combines access to attractive investment opportunities and a strong track record, HarbourVest is a prudent choice.
We are dedicated to delivering private equity investment solutions with an exceptional level of client satisfaction. Our decades-long relationships with leading general partners and participation on their advisory boards means we can offer access to premier investment opportunities to fit your needs. These relationships coupled with our rigorous investment evaluation and selection criteria positions us well to select the appropriate opportunities across market cycles. As a leader in the private equity industry we also have access to global market intelligence that we combine with our local insights to reveal trends and uncover opportunities.

Private markets investing can be an administrative burden, especially for a relatively small portion of your overall portfolio. Clients rely on our 650+ operations team members to manage the day-to-day complexities of the portfolio in a strong control environment. Investors also receive access to HarbourView, an interactive dashboard view of their account including a comprehensive view of all of HarbourVest’s commitments, the diversification and performance of the investment portfolio and the underlying company investments, the ability to view all information as of any quarter end, and the top ten manager and company holdings.

HarbourVest offers several global private markets solutions to meet investors’ needs. Learn more about our primary, secondary, co-investment, and custom solutions opportunities.

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Secondary sellers

Continuation solutions encompass a host of transaction types in which a GP secures interim liquidity and/or additional primary capital for their LPs in a strongly performing asset, or set of assets, that the GP will continue to own and control. Specifically, they include continuation funds, new funds created by GPs for the purpose of acquiring the asset(s) that continue to be managed by the same GP and capitalized by one or several secondary buyers, or equity recapitalizations involving a direct equity or structured equity investment into a portfolio company. These transactions can also include a parallel investment from the GP’s latest fund into that same pool of assets (a “cross-fund trade”).