Whether you are a limited partner looking for diversified, cost-effective exposure to private equity, a leading general partner looking for a trusted and reliable partner to finance a transaction, or a company leader looking for an experienced and knowledgeable investor, HarbourVest can help achieve your goals.
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Investors: Why consider HarbourVest?

Because of our longstanding relationships with top-tier fund managers, HarbourVest provides clients access to unique global opportunities through our direct co-investment program. Our dedicated team evaluates opportunities alongside lead general partners with the goal of creating a well-diversified portfolio. If you are looking to gain targeted exposure to certain geographies, investment types, or sectors, HarbourVest has the resources and experience to create a program that meets your needs.
As an experienced co-investment manager, clients investing with us will benefit from:


Over 150 operations professionals, offering support and service to meet unique client needs around the world.
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A team of over 75 professionals who have earned trust and respect as strong investors and trusted stewards of LP capital.



Programs that meet your unique needs, whether you are looking to gain targeted exposure to certain geographies, investment types, or sectors.

What is a co-investment?

A co-investment is an investment made directly into a company alongside a lead general partner, frequently to provide companies with growth capital or shareholder liquidity.

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Continuation solutions encompass a host of transaction types in which a GP secures interim liquidity and/or additional primary capital for their LPs in a strongly performing asset, or set of assets, that the GP will continue to own and control. Specifically, they include continuation funds, new funds created by GPs for the purpose of acquiring the asset(s) that continue to be managed by the same GP and capitalized by one or several secondary buyers, or equity recapitalizations involving a direct equity or structured equity investment into a portfolio company. These transactions can also include a parallel investment from the GP’s latest fund into that same pool of assets (a “cross-fund trade”).