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The HarbourVest Bogotá Team

Nhora Otálora

Managing Director, Investor Relations


About Nhora

Nhora Otálora joined HarbourVest in 2012 and focuses on coordinating, monitoring, and enhancing relationships with new and existing Latin American investors and consultants.

Nhora joined HarbourVest from Bancoldex S.A. in Colombia, where she was a private equity associate responsible for structuring a program to build the private equity and venture capital ecosystem in Colombia, managing relationships with fund managers and institutional investors, and monitoring venture capital and private equity statistics for Colombia. Her prior experience includes positions at Fundación Coomeva, where she analyzed companies and new business opportunities for small enterprises; and Banco de Bogotá, where she developed small business relationships.

Nhora received a degree in Financial Administration from Ibague University in 2005 and a Masters in Global Administration from Tulane and Icesi Universities in 2012. As a native of Colombia, Nhora speaks fluent Spanish.