HarbourVest’s Global Private Markets Platform Value Add

  • Highly Experienced Team – HarbourVest’s large direct co-investment team, which has experience evaluating more than 300 co-investment opportunities each year, identified the need for a tax efficient structure that ensured timely co-investment execution
  • Institutionalized Process – With 30-years of collective investment experience, deep skillsets, and established legal and accounting infrastructure, HarbourVest was able to work seamlessly with Waterland to evaluate, approve, and execute the deal
  • Expert Local Team – HarbourVest leveraged its experienced European investment team to quickly establish trust and ensure smooth investment execution with Waterland and Omega Pharma

Benefits to HarbourVest Investors

  • Co-Investment Access – HarbourVest investors gained access to a compelling co-investment deal with a world class general partner
  • Manager Relationship – As a result of our long-term partnership with Waterland, HarbourVest funds invested in the general partner’s sixth fund, which was significantly oversubscribed


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