HarbourVest’s Global Private Markets Platform Value Add

  • Sourcing and Global Reach – Based on its reputation and track record structuring similar complex transactions, HarbourVest negotiated a proprietary deal to purchase a significant minority stake in five middle market companies at an attractive price
  • Scale and Ability to Provide Meaningful Liquidity – HarbourVest’s purchase of the portfolio provided the seller a timely financing solution, which included certainty of execution and meaningful cash liquidity – all key objectives of the bank
  • Long-Term Experienced Investor – Leveraging its experience, HarbourVest addressed the deal’s complexity by negotiating a unique governance structure, crafting a sound management contract affording HarbourVest certain key rights and protections, and taking a more proactive role in the oversight of the businesses 

Benefits to HarbourVest Investors

  • Access to Unique Diversified Portfolio – HarbourVest investors were able to gain exposure to a large and unique portfolio that was unavailable to other institutional investors
  • Aggregate Deal Performance Ahead of Expectations – Four of the five businesses have been successfully exited, including the two largest companies, which performed ahead of original expectations
  • Future Deal Flow – The investment serves as a solid example of HarbourVest’s value as a trusted partner and reputation for successfully executing complex transactions, thereby positioning the firm’s investors to participate in future secondary deals
Case studies are not intended to be illustrative for investment purposes and should not be relied upon for investment decision making. This should not be considered an offer or solicitation of securities or investment services. Information is for informational purposes only and intended for General Partners or Management teams considering partnering with HarbourVest Partners.