HarbourVest’s Global Private Markets Platform Value Add

  • Leading Provider of Comprehensive Liquidity Solutions – HarbourVest became the preferred provider for the whole fund liquidity solution based on its track record in putting its investor’s capital to work to provide efficient and equitable options for limited partners and new structures for general partners
  • Advantage of Deep Diligence and Multi-Market Perspectives – As a primary, secondary, and co-investment investor, HarbourVest had a unique vantage point to understand the underlying assets, evaluate the teams’ ability to unlock value, and leverage information available from its general partner network to better inform its investment case
  • Organizational Experience and Scale – HarbourVest utilized its experience to successfully complete individual negotiations and documentation with 37 institutions holding 49 limited partnership interests as well as structure an extension vehicle, all within a short time

Benefits to HarbourVest Investors

  • Access to an Attractive Portfolio with Short Duration – HarbourVest investors gained a timely opportunity to secure a mature, diversified portfolio that can be realized over the near to medium term
  • Franchise Value and Future Deal Flow – HarbourVest’s first mover advantage structuring bespoke, innovative liquidity solutions, which are becoming increasingly common, positions its investors to benefit from future deal flow
  • Risk Control and Comfort – HarbourVest’s experience, skill sets, and infrastructure provided its investors with substantial comfort and downside risk protection in executing the innovative fund liquidity solution


Case studies are not intended to be illustrative for investment purposes and should not be relied upon for investment decision making. This should not be considered an offer or solicitation of securities or investment services. Information is for informational purposes only and intended for General Partners or Management teams considering partnering with HarbourVest Partners.