HarbourVest’s Global Private Markets Platform Value Add

  • Market Knowledge and Fund Manager Relationships – In-the-market intelligence and extensive general partner relationships enabled HarbourVest to efficiently due diligence and transfer a substantial portfolio of over 200 funds managed by nearly 100 general partners, with over 2,000 underlying companies
  • Navigating Complexity – As both a fund investor and a manager of its own listed vehicle, HarbourVest had the unique experience and capabilities to structure a highly attractive solution for investors by providing complete optionality – cash or roll-over – thereby addressing the desires of a diverse shareholder base
  • A Large Investor with Streamlined Decision-making – HarbourVest’s scale and deal experience enabled it to quickly consider and then fully underwrite what was a sizable and highly complex transaction

Benefits to HarbourVest Investors

  • Access to a Preeminent Deal – HarbourVest investors were able to gain exposure to a large and innovative transaction involving a portfolio of assets managed by high quality general partners
  • Future Deal Flow – With a demonstrated ability to identify, unlock, and execute on a large, complex secondary transaction, HarbourVest investors stand to benefit from future secondary opportunities
Case studies are not intended to be illustrative for investment purposes and should not be relied upon for investment decision making. This should not be considered an offer or solicitation of securities or investment services. Information is for informational purposes only and intended for General Partners or Management teams considering partnering with HarbourVest Partners.