HarbourVest’s Global Private Markets Platform Value Add

  • Long-Term Trusted Relationships – As an investor in Bain funds for over 25 years, HarbourVest is a trusted partner and thus had insights into the portfolio and was well positioned to assemble a sizeable and attractive deal
  • Deep Market Visibility into Asset Values – HarbourVest’s primary, secondary, and co-investment activity provided an objective market perspective to validate a near term value capture opportunity for over 20 investments across three Bain partnerships
  • Experienced and Focused Investor – As an experienced secondary investor with intimate familiarity with the assets, HarbourVest was able to move quickly with sellers and closely coordinate with Bain to transfer the assets

Benefits to HarbourVest Investors

  • Access to an Opportunistic, Low Risk Transaction – HarbourVest investors gained a unique opportunity to participate in the purchase of quality assets managed by a long-term trusted partner
  • Near-Term Proceeds and Attractive Returns – With investments including marque IPOs HCA and Michaels Stores, HarbourVest achieved performance ahead of expectations for its investors
  • Demonstrated Trusted General Partner Relationship and Future Deal Flow – The successful execution of a large transaction with Bain helped to strengthen the partnership between the two firms and positioned HarbourVest’s investors to take advantage of future secondary opportunities
Case studies are not intended to be illustrative for investment purposes and should not be relied upon for investment decision making. This should not be considered an offer or solicitation of securities or investment services. Information is for informational purposes only and intended for General Partners or Management teams considering partnering with HarbourVest Partners.