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Operational Excellence

A strong reputation built on a solid structure

At HarbourVest, we believe that efficient operations, delivered within an environment of control and transparency, are a critical part of the investment process. That is why we have invested significant resources into these core functions – accounting, cash management, financial reporting, legal and regulatory compliance, portfolio analysis, and tax. Managing these activities in-house allows us to remain close to the details so we can properly safeguard our clients’ assets and ease the administrative burden of their private equity investments.

For investors, there are several compelling benefits of our operational approach, including:

  • Access to one of the largest and most developed in-house operations groups in the private equity industry. Each member of the team is committed to providing a high level of service and engagement to help clients understand tax considerations, cash flow management, and other nuances of private equity, private debt, or real assets. Additionally, our subject matter experts are not only leaders within our firm, but also are helping to shape the future of the industry through their work with professional organizations and working groups.

  • A strong control environment that has been in place from our founding. Our firm has been registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 1982* and is familiar with the regulatory regimes present in the local jurisdictions within which we operate. We are also one of the first independently owned private equity firms to issue a SOC 1 report (in 2009), which is prepared by a leading audit firm. This environment of strong controls is fundamental to managing operational risk on behalf of our investors.
  • Information that fosters insights. As an early entrant to the private equity market, we developed our own systems and approaches for managing the flow of transactions and information. Over the years, in our role of investment manager, we have collected, evaluated and analyzed data for every investment opportunity we have made or considered. This rich, proprietary source of data provides a long-range view of activity in the private markets and helps us to uncover unique patterns that can impact success in a particular sector or industry. These insights are shared with our clients through presentations, thought pieces, and commentaries.
  • Technology that provides transparency and enhanced monitoring. Through HarbourView, our interactive dashboard available on the investor login web site, every client has access to detailed insight into their portfolio. This includes a comprehensive view of the performance of their investments with HarbourVest and related cash flows, as well as top holdings and analysis of underlying investment diversification and performance across regions, sectors, stages, and years.


*This does not indicate approval or endorsement of HarbourVest by the US SEC.